Through our lives there are unexpected and unforeseen events, some of them positive, some others negative that can impact us financially and emotionally.

some examples are:

  • Receiving an inheritance.
  • Getting a job promotion with a salary increase.
  • Getting a new job with a higher salary.
  • Addition of Bonus component to the salary.
  • Losing totally or partially household income.
  • Getting salary reduced as a result of an industry being affected by the pandemic.
  • Expanding family and living on a reduced income while on maternity leave.
  • Wanting to renovate or make improvements to your home.

No matter what your circumstances are, we can help you by reviewing your mortgage. We work with different lenders and know about all their deals and new products that can fit your specific needs. These services do not have any costs to you as we get paid by the lender once the deal is settled.

While we assess your particular scenario we also look into:

  • providing the advice and recommendations to run more effectively your household expenses.
  • Arranging your mortgage in such a way that you will save thousands of dollars during the life of your mortgage.

In some instances it is better to re-fix the interest rate with your existing lender, but sometimes other lending institutions can provide a better offer, no matter the case we will explain and navigate the options with you.

Let us know what your situation is and what you want to achieve.
Rest assured that we will work hard to make the improvement of your financial goals a reality.

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