Buying your first home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make, so it is important to know the process through this journey.

Borrowing limit and affordability: Everything starts by knowing what your goals are and getting our expert advice to determine how much you can borrow and afford; while at the same time we explore with different lenders for a suitable option that fits your needs. Stress and uncertainty can be minimised when you get our advice.

House hunting: when the borrowing limit is known, you can start looking for properties that fit your affordability level, you rest assured we will guide you through the steps in the process.

Our services are free independently if you are looking for initial advice or if you are ready to start the application process with a lender. We know your circumstances are different from anybody else’s, and we will treat your specific situation with the passion and professionalism to make your dreams come true.


Services provided by Exemplar Mortgages do not have a direct cost for you as our brokers get paid a commission by the bank or lending institution when the mortgage has been settled.

Commissions vary depending on the bank or financial institution, some of them only pay upfront commission and some of them offer a combination of upfront commission plus a trial (ongoing) commision of the remaining balance of the mortgage each year.

In New Zealand, the standard minimum deposit to buy a first home is 20% and the amount can vary depending on the region where you are planning to buy. If you want to buy in the main regions like Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, you need to have a higher amount compared to buying a house in Otago or Caterbury.

There are certain situations where buying a house with only a 10% deposit is possible.

  • Some lenders offer this option to existing customers that fit their specific criteria.
  • The minimum 10% deposit for first home buyers can be achieved when you buy a new build, however the assessment criteria by the lenders is harder, applicants under this category.

Buying a new house is exciting but at the same time can be a little intimidating. When you use the services of a mortgage broker, you get advice and recommendations to choose the right product to fit your needs. By using the services of a mortgage broker:


You will save time: When you are planning to buy a house around your daily busy life, your free time can be squeezed. By using a mortgage broker, you will be getting advice from someone who already knows the market and will spend time looking for the best available deal with different lenders..

You will save money: By using the services of a mortgage broker, you will get an expert who will assess your needs and will make a recommendation that is right for you financially. A good broker will also look beyond the best rate and take any applicable fees into account.

You will get access to more products and more lenders: a mortgage broker can give you access to a wider range of products than if you were to research the market yourself and look at a lenders’ offerings. Your broker is likely to be connected to a professional network within the sector, and they may even be able to offer products that aren’t available to the general public.

You will get expert financial advice: Financial Advisers in New Zealand need to:

  • Be certified, so you can be sure any legitimate professional you speak to will be suitably qualified.  
  • Have a duty of care to you, meaning they are on your side and work for you.

So you get an expert in their field who will do their best to give you great advice.

You will get help with paperwork: there is a lot of paperwork to complete when applying for a mortgage, forms to fill out and personal records to sort through, with a broker on your side, you will have someone who knows exactly what document you will need and how to fill in forms to the lenders when submitting applications.

You will not handle the application: a mortgage broker will handle the application process and will keep you informed of its progress with a lender. This can be invaluable at such a busy time of your life, leaving you free to focus on other details that could do with your attention. They are also used to spotting delays and chasing them.

You can withdraw your KiwiSaver savings to buy your first home if you have been a member of the scheme and you have contributed to it for at least 3 years. Keep in mind that $1,000 must remain in the KiwiSaver account.

You must intend to live in the property.

You need to contact your KiwiSaver provider and apply for a First-home withdrawal, if this is approved, the payments of the funds will be paid to your solicitor on or before settlement day.

Please note that KiwiSaver first-home withdrawal cannot be used to buy an investment property.

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